Class Descriptions / Schedule

Sumits Yoga This 75-80 minute sequence is a mixture of traditional hot yoga and vinyasa flow. The class incorporates a warm up, balancing poses, vinyasa flow and floor work.

Sumits Hour This heated class is the same as Sumits Yoga (described above). It is 60 minutes in length, so a few poses are skipped and we move a bit faster with less breaks.

Heated Vinyasa Flow This 60 minute lightly heated flow will wake up other muscle groups in the body to create more stamina and endurance. The poses in this class will be different each week and will provide options to move into some advanced poses.

Yin This 60 minute non-heated class is suitable for all levels. It is a relaxing and meditative class. We provide bolsters, blankets, blocks and straps for support, allowing students to hold poses deeper and longer.

Yin Nidra This 60 minute class is done in a non-heated candlelit room. Suitable for all, it is a great complement to other forms of yoga and exercise. Please bring a yoga mat, a blanket and a small pillow. We start with Yin Yoga, performing simple poses, holding each from 3 to 5 minutes to get deeper into your connective tissue and slow the busy mind. After 40 minutes of Yin Yoga, we transition to Yoga Nidra, which means yogic sleep. Here you will enjoy a state of complete rest and deep relaxation for 30 minutes.