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Sumits Yoga, Colleyville, TX

We LOVE new students! Sumits yoga is specially designed for any body type and all levels of yoga practitioners. Our practice allows a complete mind and body escape. You will notice more tone, flexibility and an ability to focus. With a consistent practice you will notice an overall improved state of mind. (must be 18 or older to attend classes. Ages 16/17 are welcome with a signed parent waiver) READ MORE

New Students


Sumit Banerjee

About Sumits Yoga

Sumit’s Yoga was created by Sumit Banerjee based on his own years of experience practicing and teaching various styles including Bikram and Vinyasa. His sequence and style of teaching reinforces his primary objectives as a teacher: helping others to realize the powerful wellness benefits of yoga including a stronger, toned and more flexible body and an improved state of mind encouraging relaxation, self-acceptance and awareness. READ MORE




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